Reviews Prostaffect

  • Димитър
    For a long time my prostatitis proceeded in a latent form, and then everything turned into terrible pains. I couldn't even think of an intimate life. My wife bought Prostaffect, she was skeptical at first, but after a week I forgot the pain and discomfort. I recommend to everyone.
  • Елена
    After his 50th birthday, my husband started developing prostatitis, started getting up often at night, and problems with sex started. But luckily Prostaffect helped us, after a month of use all the symptoms have disappeared, now my husband is taking prophylaxis capsules and we are no longer worried about prostatitis.
  • Стефан
    Despair after the diagnosis of prostatitis is difficult to put into words. For a man, this is not just a disease, but constant pain during sex, urination, prolonged sitting in one position, sudden movements when playing football. It's terrible! And it was from this that prostaffect saved me.
  • Тодор
    For a year and a half he lived with prostatitis, tried different methods, but after a while the disease returned. Prostaffect helped solve the problem once and for all. After the course, I forgot about the disease, I hope, forever.
  • Николай
    Groin pain, swelling and inflammation, diagnosing prostatitis, preparing for surgery - my nightmare last year. At the last moment I learned about this unique drug. Prostaffect saved from pain and surgery.
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